Monday, April 4, 2011


Miss A Suzy took a picture of her new hair style on her Twitter.

On the 3rd, Suji twitted saying,

Blonde, Sut Sut Sut Sut Sut Sut Sut

In this picture, Suzy had a different hair style from which she had all along since her debut. Until now, she always had a dark hair color but now she has a bright one.

Due to her recent diet, she came back to her ‘normal self.’

At this twit, people said,

Woah! Is Suji in the blonde line now?

So pretty, I actually feel like I’m looking at a picture of a doll.

She’s getting prettier by day. Lucky :(

Look at her sticking her tongue out. So cute!

Source: hellokpop

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